Fees For Treatments, Exams, and Services

Below are our current clinic fees:

Chiropractic Treatment Fees

Comprehensive Initial Chiropractic Examination $110.00
Subsequent Chiropractic Treatment $60.00

Registered Massage Therapy Fees

30 Minutes $70.00
45 Minutes $100.00
60 Minutes $125.00

Naturopathic Doctor Fees

Initial visit (105 minutes) $210.00
Follow up visit (60 minutes) $115.00

Physiotherapy Naturopathic Doctor Fees

Physiotherapy Initial Visit $110.00
Physiotherapy Follow-up Visit $95.00
Physiotherapy (Shockwave) $110.00
Physiotherapy (Prolonged Appointment ) $180.00
Active rehabilitation session $75.00

Run Gait Analysis Fees

Run Gait Analysis Initial Visit $120.00
Run Gait Analysis Follow-up Visit $55.00

Please contact us for subsidized rates if you have been injured in an accident.