Sumeet Gill, PT


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Meet Sumeet, a skilled and compassionate physiotherapist whose journey towards
transforming lives began early in his career in the fitness industry. In 2020, he
proudly graduated from the esteemed Physiotherapy program at Brunel University
in England, fueling his desire to assist individuals in reclaiming their normal lifestyle
and achieving their fitness aspirations.

Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Kelowna, BC, Sumeet's love for
the outdoors blossomed, making him an ardent explorer of nature's wonders.
From invigorating hikes that fuel his adventurous spirit to friendly basketball
matches that keep him active, Sumeet finds joy and fulfillment in staying
connected to the great outdoors. As an avid hockey enthusiast, he embraces the
camaraderie and excitement that sports can bring, mirroring his dedication to
fostering a sense of community and support in his professional life.

After pursuing his undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia in
Vancouver, Sumeet's pursuit of knowledge and passion for physiotherapy led him
across continents to London, England, where he delved into the world of
rehabilitation and healing. It was there that he honed his expertise, preparing to
make a meaningful impact on the lives of his future patients.

Sumeet's treatment philosophy revolves around empowering individuals to
understand their bodies and address biomechanical issues effectively. Utilizing a
comprehensive approach, he combines the art of manual therapy with a focus on
tailored exercise programs, recognizing that a holistic approach is key to achieving
optimal outcomes in patient care.

Moreover, Sumeet's dedication to inclusivity and effective communication shines
through, as he is fluent in both English and Punjabi. This linguistic proficiency
ensures that his patients feel understood, heard, and comfortable throughout their
therapeutic journey.

In his practice, Sumeet prioritizes building strong patient relationships based on
trust and mutual respect. By fostering open communication, he ensures that his
patients actively participate in their treatment plans, fostering a sense of
ownership and empowerment in their recovery process.

Whether you seek recovery from an injury or aspire to enhance your physical
performance, Sumeet's expertise and commitment to his patients make him a true
asset in the field of physiotherapy. His genuine passion for helping others,
combined with a deep love for the outdoors and sports, shapes a caring and
dedicated professional who stands ready to guide you towards a healthier, more
active lifestyle.